Life-cycle optimization of industrial energy efficiency by a distributed control and decision-making automation platform

A novel approach toward a new integrated production paradigm based on energy efficiency and sustainable management


Modular and distributed automation and computing DevOps platform for energy-efficient factories


Simulation and data-analysis framework for energy/environmental-aware digital-twins


Intra-factory optimization of multi-scale sustainability performance


Integration of LCA criteria to improve process, product and supply-chain sustainability


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Improving data-driven machine digital twins by including engineering insights

Europe should push to reduced energy consumption dramatically in the upcoming decade, as outlined in the recently proposed European Green Deal. A more efficient exploitation of the existing machines in ...
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IEC 61499 at the IEEE INDIN 2021 conference

The IEC 61499 standard is the technological basis in E2COMATION for engineering advanced automation systems under a distributed intelligence paradigm. The industrial grade implementation of this standard from NXT resulting ...
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Definition of E2COMATION industrial use cases

E2COMATION project has been focussing its efforts in last months on the analysis and definition of four distinct industrial uses cases along two different value chains, respectively in woodworking and ...
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