A novel approach toward a new integrated production paradigm based on energy efficiency and sustainable management


Modular and distributed automation and computing DevOps platform for energy-efficient factories


Simulation and data-analysis framework for energy/environmental-aware digital-twins


Intra-factory optimization of multi-scale sustainability performance


Integration of LCA criteria to improve process, product and supply-chain sustainability


Latest News

DAQ in Production – a new approach within E2COMATION

A key element for energy efficiency evaluation and optimization is seen in the accurate quantification of the energetic behaviour on the shopfloor, machine tool level and production system level and ...
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Steps forward defining the E2COMATION software architecture

A step forward in the definition of the E2comation software architecture has been marked, with a specification of the Modular and reconfigurable distributed automation and the Distributed Stream Computing platform ...
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AIDIMME and ROYO latest advances in Energy Optimization within E2COMATION

The Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technological Institute, AIDIMME, and the bathroom furniture manufacturer, Royo Group, continue advancing in this exciting road of energy optimization within the E2COMATION project ...
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