AIDIMME and ROYO latest advances in Energy Optimization within E2COMATION

The Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technological Institute, AIDIMME, and the bathroom furniture manufacturer, Royo Group, continue advancing in this exciting road of energy optimization within the E2COMATION project with the goal to improve the energy consumption in the production management and therefore, offering efficient energy saving solutions.

It has been nine months since the project started but both companies have already devised a challenging road plan to carry out specific complex scenarios.

AIDIMME has been working establishing the full requirements of the industrial pilot in Royo Group facilities focusing in the dust aspiration system (air compressors), suction system and lacquering line in order through E2COMATION solutions to optimize and orchestrate the production scheduling minimizing the consumption profiles. AIDIMME will work with Royo Group in the integration of the E2COMATION solutions in the demonstration phase and lastly in the validation phase.

Royo Group has provided full specifications of energy consumptions and full detail of all machinery used in the production layout. In addition they have given access to AIDIMME’s project members to document the different energy demanding machines such as air compressors, suction systems, motors, etc. These machines are the most energy demanding ones since they operate at all times, and therefore, they have to be carefully addressed.

There is still a long way to address all the monitoring, predicting, evaluation and optimization of energy and the sustainability impact of the behavior of the factory, but lot of work is being put into the project to achieve the best possible results.

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