Definition of E2COMATION industrial use cases

E2COMATION project has been focussing its efforts in last months on the analysis and definition of four distinct industrial uses cases along two different value chains, respectively in woodworking and wood&beverage sectors. The outcome of such activity is the identification of the initial set of technological requirements and process needs as for improved and synergic energy- and life-cycle oriented- management, based on the assessment of involved production facilities and industrial sites. In particular, the workflow of E2COMATION project framework and solutions is being been sketched against the specific requirements of the panel board production plant of Kastamonu Entegre, as well as those of furniture manufacturing site of ROYO Spain. In parallel, food&beverage sector is being addressed, encompassing production facilities – such as the Alovera Brewery of Mahou San Miguel –  and distribution and retail phase – involving Condis Distribution center in Montcada.

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