First Draft of Simulation Model for the MAHOU Use Case created

In E2COMATION, three use cases provided by the industrial partners are considered. The information is initially collected by a questionnaire sent out to the partners and further discussed with the involved partners from the different work packages. The first completely revised use case is from the food and beverage industry and was provided by the Brewing Company Mahou. It deals with the Energy monitoring and optimization of industrial brewery process which is a very interesting scenario for testing the life-cycle impact evaluation framework of the project, that will consider this circular loop from the market into the production. 

The information given in the questionnaire and refined in discussions between Mahou and Simplan was then used to model the first draft of the full production line with the flexible simulation tool PacSi. The models include a 2D and 3D representation of the production line which can be used to simulate different production scenarios in order to optimize the production line for energy efficiency and resource consumption. The 2D representation is shown below and also shows snapshots of some measurements.

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