Innovative Pathway to Energy-Efficient Manufacturing Revealed in New White Paper

A groundbreaking white paper, “Pathways to Energy-Efficient Manufacturing,” has been published as a result of a collaborative effort between four EU-funded projects under DT-FOF-09-2020. The paper aims to establish innovative ways and best practices for leveraging digital technologies to implement more energy-efficient manufacturing systems.

The defined pathway presented in the paper offers a starting point for dialogue and engagement with the industry on maximizing the use of digital tools and services to embed energy efficiency in their current operations. It also serves as a strategic roadmap for organizations to incorporate energy efficiency as a key criterion in operational and organizational decision-making.

As new innovations emerge and companies advance in their capabilities, the pathway can be updated and adjusted to fit the specific needs of a particular sector or industry. The paper highlights the role of the four funded DT-FOF-09-2020 projects in collectively contributing solutions to the pathway milestones. These projects aim to provide new innovative solutions evaluated and validated across different industrial sectors, promoting best practices and sharing knowledge to accelerate the digital and green transition for the manufacturing industry.

In the future, the defined pathway will be validated and expanded to provide more specific pathways in relation to the challenges that industries are facing, such as building and integrating energy-centric digital twins, up-skilling to support energy efficiency, and promoting energy flexibility.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the innovative strategies and practical implications for energy-efficient manufacturing presented in this white paper. Read it here: Innovative Pathway to Energy-Efficient Manufacturing

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