E2comation just kicked off!

The project just kicked-off with the goal to improve industrial energy efficiency at European Manufacturing level through the integration of energy data with advanced optimization techniques to guide a company decision making. E2COMATION intends to address the optimization of energy usage, at multiple hierarchical layers of a manufacturing process as well as considering the whole life-cycle perspective across the value chain. To this purpose, E2COMATION aims at providing a cross-sectorial methodological framework and a modular technological platform to monitor, predict, evaluate impact of the behavior of a factory across energy and the life-cycle assessment dimensions, in order to adapt and optimize dynamically not only its real-time behavior over different time-scales, but also its strategic and sustainable positioning with respect to the complex supply and value chain it belongs to. The project will be demonstrated across multiple nodes of two complex value chains – in woodworking and in food&beverage sectors.

Download here our pitch presentation. 

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