IEC 61499 at the IEEE INDIN 2021 conference

The IEC 61499 standard is the technological basis in E2COMATION for engineering advanced automation systems under a distributed intelligence paradigm. The industrial grade implementation of this standard from NXT resulting in an IDE and runtime system will be at the core of the automation architecture that will be developed in the project. The event-driven nature of IEC 61499 will be used to connect the OT level to the IT systems like data monitoring, predictive maintainance and analytic tools to support the evaluation of the behavior of a factory across energy and the life-cycle assessment dimensions.

At the IEEE INDIN 2021 conference IEC 61499 experts will present the state-of-the-art industrial information technologies and also give an outlook on the future trends by participating to different technical tracks and special sessions of the conference. Participants to the conference will learn about the benefits of the standard in terms of engineering efficiency, interoperable automation systems and interesting use-cases .  Experts from NXT, are invited to speak at the Industry Forum on the fit of IEC61499 for Industry 4.0 and their view on the future of industrial automation

The participation to this conference can be a great opportunity to spread the knowledge about the IEC 61499 standard and the related technologies that play an important role in achieving the project goals.

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