Third General Assembly @CNR-STIIMA

The E2COMATION project’s 3rd General Assembly, held at CNR-STIIMA’s premises in Milan from October 3rd to 5th, was an event marked by critical discussions, decisive planning, and collaborative spirit. The assembly was meticulously orchestrated over three days to pivot from broad discussions to specific, actionable outcomes, underscoring the project’s transition into its crucial validation phase.

The first day set a rigorous pace with an exhaustive review of the project results for each use case. Participants presented comprehensive updates, focusing on five essential dimensions: developments yet to be completed, conditions triggering the application of results, the current status of interfacing with the DSS platform from ATC, prerequisites for installation and deployment at end-user sites, and other outstanding matters. This session culminated in a coherent, detailed depiction of each result’s status, laying a solid foundation for the discussions that ensued.

Days 2 and 3 shifted the spotlight to individual end-user cases. Here, presentations revolved around proposed production scenarios, critical conditions, and specific KPIs against which the E2COMATION tools’ effectiveness would be gauged. The plenary discussions that followed were both dynamic and detail-oriented, ultimately leading to an agreement on a meticulous validation plan for each end-user scenario.

Complementing the technical discourse, the assembly also made strides on the project’s peripheral fronts. Dissemination activities, led in collaboration with SUPSI, received fresh impetus, while an exploitation workshop conducted by CRIT provided valuable insights and directives. During Day 3, strategic deliberations were held to prepare for the Official Review meeting with the EU Commission and Monitor expert in January 2024.

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