DAQ in Production – a new approach within E2COMATION

A key element for energy efficiency evaluation and optimization is seen in the accurate quantification of the energetic behaviour on the shopfloor, machine tool level and production system level and its components. For this reason, a data acquisition tool for Energy Monitoring (EMon) on the production system (HMI) was developed and be used at E2comation (WP4).

EMon is a crosslink between machine control and the automation and computing platform, connected via OPC UA and MQTT. As it is based on ISO14955, EMon collects all relevant energetic information on component level, including electrical components, compressed air, media flow and the component state. This full detail is achieved with a smart combination of multiple DAQ-channels such as external sensors, the machine tool control and simulations. With a sampling rate of 5Hz all energetic relevant information, including peak power, are collected, synchronized and displayed. This data is further processed, analysed and transmitted with a constant rate of 1Hz – 5 Hz to higher systems, e.g. the automation and computing platform which is represented in WP3 of the E2comation project.  This innovative method allows a highly detailed view and economic way to gain all necessary information on the shopfloor level.  

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